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In Debt……Payday Loan Problems?


If you are in debt and need help then please read on…


“Help,  In Debt I cant pay my Payday Loans and its more than my wages that are being paid next week!”

 In Debt I have three debt collection agencies chasing me and calling me, the debt is £12,000 and I cant pay, what do I do?”


“Im maxed out on 4 credit cards In Debt and cant meet repayments, every month the charges are half my wages”


In Debt?  Need help? Email me -  andy@gback.co.uk


Payday Day Loan Help

Problems paying your Payday Loan companies back? Contact us,we will contact them on your behalf and reduce payments/interest and charges andy@gback.co.uk


Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights - Tips, advice, tricks and everything you want and never knew about saving money. Read our guides, or watch our video tutorials and know your rights.


In Debt

In just 24hrs flat, our Emergency In Debt Team, can contact and stop you being bullied/hassled by debt collectors, payday loan companies, bailiffs, as well as helping you with store/credit card charges /PPI claims !


EMAIL us HERE, for immediate help within 5mins, for any questions or problems you may have!

Get-It-Back provides a Debt Helpline so you can speak to someone straight away about any problems with money.

Money and debt worries are the single biggest cause of stress and can effect every aspect of your life, no matter what the cause of debt is.

However, many debts can be easily addressed either with letters,negotiation or simply reduced. Like this Testimonial, where an £8976.70 debt was written off as a direct result of us fighting on their behalf.

Do not panic if you are having red letters, or debt collecting agencies calling and sending demanding letters. We can promise that every scenario you are going through, we have encountered before and helped.

For all of your debt related matters or simply wanting to see if we can get some cash back for you, take that first important step to taking back control today!

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